Monday, July 18, 2011


First of all, could I just say "WOW!!" in the general direction of my darling TH? Sometimes, I just feel the need to say WOW! All those years, I had no idea....but anyway. I will just say that I am glad I didn't know what I was missing, because discovering it now is AMAZING.

So it's I've often said "Monday always knows." I don't want to borrow trouble, but at the same time its best to be prepared, and I hope I am. It's a lovely, sunny, breezy morning, though, and I have already got some difficult business taken care of, and my little K went to work with TH this morning. She was all ready at about six! and was bouncing excitedly outside our bedroom door when I got up, saying "Is Daddy ready? Is it time to go?" She loves organizing, and she is going to organize his fabric samples today, by texture, color and who knows what else.

My son J1, who is now sixteen, constantly leaves his phone lying around. I would never snoop, since he's a VERY good and responsible person and I respect his privacy, but GOLLY, its hard not to when he leaves it in my room all the time! Sometimes, when we go to bed in the evening, the kids aren't quite done hanging out with us, so they come in and watch TV in our room. Since the TV in here is less than a quarter of the size of the one downstairs, we take this as a big compliment! But anyway, my airheaded J1 leaves his phone on the floor in here almost every night.

So far, I haven't opened it, although yeah, part of me would love to know what he is SAYING to all those girls that are blowing up his phone all the time...

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